I want to help you succeed, because I know what it’s like to fail. After I gained weight in college, I tried to lose it the wrong way and ended up with an eating disorder. I totally get what it’s like to hate what you see in the mirror. And this is exactly why I created IgniteGirls, an online fitness community of more than 20k followers, so that I can keep you accountable, inspire you daily and give you the tools you need for success. Happiness can exist right now!

– Coach Keri

Meet Keri.

I love sharing my favorite healthy IgniteGirls-approved recipes and downloadable workouts on the blog, but if you need something specific to follow, I can create a custom plan designed for your individual needs.



“Joining IgniteGirls is something I will never regret.”

I have happily made a lifestyle change that is healthy. 7 months ago I had no confidence or motivation, but thanks to the IgniteGirls community, and Keri, that changed. Keri is not just your trainer or personal lifestyle coach, she’s your friend and is there with you every step of the way. Helping you when you have bad days and commending you for your good days. I don’t know what I would have done or how I would be feeling today if I hadn’t made the decision to become an IgniteGirl.”

Tanya lost 29.5 pounds and 18.5″


Once I started workouts with Keri and her style to tone and shape my body, I saw results.

Keri is so passionate about her job, caring about each individual person and has become a true friend. She has taught me that “every meal is a new chance to get back on track.” We all have our bad days in training and eating and I learned we can’t let one slip up ruin the whole day. I’ve always been an athletic person that went to the gym, but always doing the same type of workouts. Keri keeps me on track, motivated and focused on my goals. Without her meal plans and workouts I would be stuck in the same old routines and not have this passion to become a healthier me.”

Holly lost over 30 pounds and 16.5″

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