11th Day of Fitness & How to Workout During the Holidays

Happy Holiday week, IgniteGirls! Hopefully you’ve got your presents wrapped, your cookies baked and you’re getting ready to enjoy a nice holiday with family. It’s always a struggle to fit in fitness this time of year, but I personally feel MUCH better if I’m able to sneak in at least a couple sweat sessions throughout the holiday, and I know you will too. Just two 30-minute workouts this week is all you need to stay on track! I’ve outlined some ideas below about how you can get ‘er done. Good luck, keep me posted and make sure to share these tips with your friends, or pin it for later!


And tomorrow is not only Christmas Eve, but the last day of the 12 days of Fitness! Stay strong for these last 2 days of circuit workouts!

Today’s exercise is requires full body movement!

Piper Plank up downs:
Start in plank with hands directly in line with your shoulders, then lower down onto right elbow, then onto left elbow, come back up onto your right hand then up onto left hand (that is one rep).


~ Coach Keri


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