4 Benefits of Starting Your Day with an Early AM Workout!

Setting your alarm clock for an earlier time seems like something NO ONE would want to do, especially in the middle of a cold, dark winter. But…

…getting to the gym at the crack of dawn has several benefits,

even though some argue that your muscles are not fully warmed up, and your hormones are not at peak performance. Morning training sessions show the highest success rate with compliance. If you are insanely busy like most people with a full-time job, children, you know how these and other obligations can create unforeseen obstacles as the day goes by.

Here are a few benefits to becoming an early morning fitness fiend:

  1. You get your workout done before challenges arise – no excuses!
  2. Sometimes a sense of having a “to-do” on your checklist can make you stressed out. If you get the workout done and checked off your list, you can move on with your day with a sense of accomplishment.
  3. It allows you to take charge of the day, before it takes charge of you. It’s easier to give of yourself, whether it be to your career or your family, when you have made yourself the first priority of the day.
  4. It sets the tone for all your actions that day. There is a confidence that occurs when you suddenly feel empowered with your schedule, your “life balance” and your body: it may instill some added courage to sit up a little straighter, nail an important business meeting, say “no” to a pushy friend.

Overall, mentally, morning workouts just work better for most people to stick with their plans. And, really, what is one less hour of sleep in exchange for one hour of “you” time? 😉

Coach Keri


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posted by Coach Keri

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