4 of the Best Weighted Ab Exercises to get an IgniteGirls Body

Aside from a well-rounded, whole foods IgniteGirls’ diet, achieving toned abs takes some work.

Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce fat from targeted areas…

… BUT what you can do is sculpt and train the muscle underneath the fat. This will do two things: 1) it will bring the muscle a little closer to the surface of the skin giving you a tighter look and feel… and 2) as fat melts away, it will reveal a beautiful strong, athletic core. Plus, adding weights can help strengthen your core which can increase the quality of your workouts. Make sure to follow the IgniteGirls nutrition plan for exact portion sizes (based on your starting weight), specific meal structure and your grocery list in order to burn the fat through nutrition.

During my days as a college cheerleader and fitness competitor, these have become my top 4 favorite weighted ab exercises:

  1. Weighted Decline Crunch with dumbbell (or weighted plate)
    Use a decline bench, lie on your back with your feet hooked under the pads. Next, hold a weighted plate or dumbbell with both hands while you lay completely back until your neck touches the bench. Without using momentum, use your core to pull you upward, keeping your dumbbell or weighted plate close against your chest. Then lower back down until your neck touches the bench again for one complete rep. No cheating by using your hips or reaching forward with the weight!
  2. Reverse Crunch on Decline Bench
    Use a decline bench and lie on your back with your head at the top of bench (where feet usually go). Next, hold top of bench with both hands. Hold your legs straight out together in the air, parallel to the floor, and use your abs to hold them there. Slowly bring your pelvis up and in towards your chest, making sure your abs control the movement and squeezing glutes. Slowly lower yourself back to the starting position, always keeping constant tension on midsection. Modified: bend knees as you lift pelvis.
  3. Cable Kneeling Crunch
    Face a cable tower, grab the cable rope attachment with your hands and kneel below. Place wrists against head and with hips stationary, pull from your core and bend forward toward floor without rounding your back too much. Your elbows will head toward the middle of your thigh. Pause and return to starting position while controlling the weight.
  4. Hanging Knee Raise with Dumbbell
    Hang from a pull-up bar with straight arms (or elbows bent and supported in ab straps – or on hanging leg raise equipment), lift your knees to your chest while squeezing thighs together and holding a small weighted dumbbell between feet. Lower down for one full rep.

Try a circuit of each above exercise for 15 reps. Rest for 1 minute, and then repeat the series 2 more times.

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And, yes, those are my abs in the picture 🙂 Great motivation for me to get my new mommy body back in shape! Happy Workout Wednesday, IgniteGirls! Rock the rest of the week!

Coach K
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