5 tips for living sugar-free

Congrats on enduring the hardest part of the Sugar Momma Challenge – the first half!

But, the challenge isn’t over yet… So here are a few tips on how to keep it up!

  1. Follow the routine of what has been working for you so far… and what hasn’t. Maybe the gym after work sounded like a good idea at first, and you’ve been faithful, but you’re exhausted by the time you get home. Switch it up and try to get your workout done first thing in the morning instead!
  2. Stick to your guns! Don’t give into sugar just yet! Sure, we’ve made it past the halfway point, (and maybe even further than you thought you could survive) but the minute you start to give yourself permission to have a taste, bite or lick… you’ve just given yourself permission. Period. That means it’s even easier the next time to say, “yes.”
  3. Squash your afternoon energy slump. If  you’re feeling tired between 2 – 4pm, it’s time to re-evaluate some of your meal choices. This is usually the prime time when you’re reaching for a cookie. Are you eating enough calories? Are you skipping breakfast? Are you eating enough EFAs (essential fatty acids)? When you eat a carbohydrate are you pairing it with a protein or a fat? Are you drinking enough water? If you are lacking energy, there could be a specific reason! (And if you need more help with a plan, I’ve got you covered. I know it can be confusing.)
  4. Keep your fridge stocked. I am always inspired by a fully loaded kitchen. It gives me plenty of room to be creative with meal prep, especially when I can invent a new dish just by mixing-and-matching different ingredients.
  5. Stay busy. But I want you to do more than just distract yourself. I want you to dive a little deeper into your WHYs. Why did you want to commit to the Sugar Momma Challenge in the first place? What are your goals? What are you learning about yourself in the process? I’ve given you plenty to do each week, from mental motivation homework to help re-train your brain (DO IT) to IgniteGirls workouts that focus on training different body parts (DO THESE TOO).

And when all else fails, remember that there are PRIZES at the end of all this that you could be eligible to win! Though, I think the best prize is the gift of health above all.

Coach Keri


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