5 ways to stay on track while traveling (plus a free bonus hotel workout!)

Just because you’re checked out of a normal routine for a few days doesn’t mean your diet and exercise have to as well! And as long as we aren’t talking about a vacation here (in which case you should definitely take some time off of your regular routine), I’ve got some tips you will find useful.

Stay on track even when you’re out of town.

Here’s how:

  1. Have a game plan. If you know a basic outline of your upcoming schedule, it can help you plan ahead. A plane ride may require packing some travel-friendly food, for example. Or maybe you already know the restaurant you will be eating at later that evening. Take a look at the menu and see what options are healthiest (I usually go for a lean protein and a double green veggie). I also have an entire section on navigating the grocery store and ordering out at a restaurant in The IgniteGirls Life nutrition plan (which is also 50% OFF right now!!!! Go download the accountability calendar below for the secret code!).

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  2. Call ahead. Book a hotel that has a gym (though let’s be honest, some “gyms” are a small-ass room with a broken treadmill and like one dumbbell). You can also request a refrigerator and a microwave in your room making it easy to store or reheat any food you brought.
  3. Get equipped. Here’s what you will need: glass tupperware, a soft-shell cooler, a Blender Bottle and ice packs. It’s a lot easier to transport food when you have a way to get them there. If you are going a long distance, disposable storage like zip lock bags may make more sense than glass tupperware, even though it’s not a very green option.
  4. Wake up early. I know that when I’ve traveled for work it’s tough to take time for yourself. Days are jam-packed to make the most of your time, and meetings quickly fill your calendar. Chances are you will be exhausted by the end of the day, and you probably even had to entertain a client or two. Make the most of your morning instead and hit the hotel gym (or workout in your room) even if it’s just a half hour.  It doesn’t have to be some epic workout for it to count! Thirty minutes is better than nothing, and it sets the tone for a great day ahead.
  5. Do your free IgniteGirls workout on the road (see below)! These are moves you can do anywhere, with little to no equipment. I recommend high-intensity, body weight movements because they don’t require a fully-loaded gym, or much time.

Here are a few ideas for foods that travel well:
Proteins (the MOST important macronutrient in your diet):

  • individual container of greek yogurt (skip the pre-made airport parfaits made with a ton of extra flavorings and crap)
  • protein powder (just add water and BAM instant shake!)
  • nitrate-free, low sugar beef jerky


  • Justin’s Almond or Peanut Butter (individual packets from Whole Foods or World Market)
  • Larabars (made with yummy coconut oil and nuts)
  • KIND bars (super easy to grab)
  • mixed, raw nuts


  • granola
  • dry oats (love to pre-measure and mix these with cinnamon, but you can also do the plain packets too)
  • Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread
  • P28 bagel (28g of protein in every bagel!)

Fruits & Veggies:

  • apples (don’t bruise easily)
  • banana (though they bruise easily, they come pre-packaged in nature’s wrapper!)
  • oranges
  • grapefruits
  • grapes
  • blueberries (other berries get mushy, or ferment quickly)
  • Larabars (also count as a fruit because they are made with real dried fruit)
  • celery (and peanut butter!)
  • carrots
  • sliced bell peppers (crunchy and satisfying)
  • raw string beans

You can also make some of my Banana Bread Protein Muffins which are super easy on-the-go.

And for a FULL, detailed nutrition plan that tells you EXACTLY what to eat and when while you travel… order your copy of The IgniteGirls Life nutrition plan right now! (don’t forget the code for 50% off I mentioned above!)

OH! And your hotel workout! You ready?

IgniteGirls Hotel Workout

  1. 10 Stationary Inchworms
    Bend forward from the waist and touch the floor as close to your feet as you can. Now walk your hands out until you reach a plank position, and then walk them back in until your hands meet your feet again for one complete rep. Focus on your flexibility here too!
  2. :20 SPRINT!
    RUN as fast as you can! No treadmill? Do fake jump rope in your hotel room, run outside or run some stairs in the hotel!
  3. 30 Prisoner Hops
    With your toes pointed outward and your hands behind your head, squat as low as you can with your knees pointing outward. Then baby hop with your feet lifting off floor slightly for each rep.
  4. :40 SPRINT!
    Run, Forest, run!
  5. :50 Wall Sit
    Lower yourself down into a squat position with your legs at a 90º angle, knees behind toes. Press your entire back against wall, and hold without placing hands on thighs.
  6. :60 SPRINT!
    This sprint feels like F-O-R-E-V-E-R long, but you can do this!

Rest 1 full minute and then repeat the entire series 4 more times!

Coach K


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