50 Before Turkey Workout & Expecting More™ DVD Review

Are you ready to tackle my 50 Before Turkey Workout? It’s time to earn your turkey… AND your shower! (Plus, let’s be honest, a few other treats too).

You can download your printable 50 Before Turkey Workout HERE!

Over in ‘Pregnancy Land’, a good friend and previous client of mine, Raheil gifted me with the Expecting More™ DVD by Sara Haley. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I am more of a gym-worker-outter than an at-home-exerciser, but I had some time this weekend before Hubby Dave and I ran out to run errands and decided to try it out. The set comes with two DVDs, one is strength and the other is cardio. I started with the strength one (of course!).


The warm up was about 8 minutes long and definitely got my heart rate up. While pregnant, you want to make sure to do an extended warm up and extended cool down because your body is under a little more stress, so this was perfect. Next, the 20 minute workout followed and incorporated weights into aerobic-based movements that had a dance flair, which I loved because I felt like I was working on my flexibility, cardio and coordination while working resistance training in as well. As a previous dancer (gymnastics, jazz and ballet), I also loved the mini routines she designed. My heart rate was up, but just enough, and I am definitely sore in all of the right areas. Sara also “includes” your baby bump into the workout, which is such a fantastic way to connect with your pregnancy, body’s changes, baby and the movements. She would say things like “make room for baby”, “listen to your body” and “be baby proud!”

After the workout, I followed her 8 minute cool down that included additional stretching and breathing exercises. I felt energized and look forward to trying out another workout from the DVD series this week. At about halfway through my pregnancy, I have gained about 10-12 pounds so far (I’m not really keeping a log of exact numbers). Doing workouts like this makes me feel sexy and sculpted. If you want to see a little bit more footage on what you can expect with this DVD set, you can watch Sara HERE, or you can buy the same one I have HERE.

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~ Coach Keri

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