The cure for almost any ailment – water! Water is one of the greatest natural cleansers, relievers and replenishers. Water helps your liver literally metabolize fat. Seriously, amazing. Though we may be familiar with the benefits of water, what about actually drinking it? I know I am guilty of not drinking enough water, and I […]

Hey there! If you’re like me, you are always looking for new ways to spice up boring chicken and create new flavor combos. These mini chicken skewers make a great appetizer to serve, but they are as nutritionally beneficial as they are pretty. Plus, grilling fruit brings out subtle flavors by naturally caramelizing the sugars. […]

Hi IgniteGirls! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a fun new workout for you to do, especially one that involves a little more resistance training given that our 8-week Pavement & Pearls 5k training was endurance-based. I’ve been getting back to lifting myself since Peyton was born 10 weeks ago, and I missed the feeling […]

Who doesn’t love a good summer cookout? Though usually tantalizing, many of the picks at such an event are full of calories, fat and heavy carbs, but it doesn’t have to remain so! Here’s a BBQ side-dish makeover on a classic! To be honest, I’m not much of a potato salad fan, but that’s because […]

Hi IgniteGirls! I hope your Summer is going well so far. This is my first blog takeover and I am so happy to share my spin playlist with you. BUT let me tell you a little about myself! I went to Louisiana State University in Fall 2012 and.. ..instead of gaining the dreaded “freshman 15,” I LOST […]

Hi IgniteGirls! How many of you ran the Pavement & Pearls 5k last Sunday!? It felt sooo good to pin on the race day bib, put in a pair of headphones, get lost in the FIT Radio music and just RUN! We gathered a group from the Atlanta area to all run together! IgniteGirls feeling […]

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