There’s always a healthier way to make your favorite treats! Popsicles are the perfect Summer day treat. And if you make them IgniteGirls-style, you can indulge in one guilt-free… with some added protein! Here is what you’ll need: 4 oz plain greek yogurt 1 organic banana 1/2 cup fresh, hulled strawberries 1/2 cup fresh blueberries […]

Sometimes as an IgniteMommy,’s hard to find things that are healthy that the kids will like too. One of our family favorites is waffles. I know my daughter will always eat them. This version is loaded with good complex carbs and protein. It can be topped with any seasonal fruit to make a great […]

Hi, all. I’m Molly, guest blogging from! I love to discuss how to make healthy eating and fitness a seamless part of life, and with Summer quickly approaching, it’s a great time to talk about workouts outside the gym! As the snow becomes a distant memory and the days get a little longer, it’s […]

Change takes progress. It takes commitment. It takes the right tools and the right mindset. Laney put her IgniteGirls’ tools to work… hard work, and now has the results to prove it! “IgniteGirls+ is an education system to help you change your life in the long term!” “I found Keri and IgniteGirls+ when I was […]

The other day, as my friend’s mom cooked me a delicious dinner, I realized that food is indeed a legitimate love language… and it is probably mine. There are few things I love more than a tasty meal, and (in honor of Cinco de Mayo) this is one of my all time favorites! Let’s keep […]

Hey IgniteGirls! It’s good to be back with y’all again! In my first “blog takeover” I wrote about what life is like as an intern here at IgniteGirls. I stuck to the basics then, but today I get to tell you all about the occasional spontaneous expansion of my job description. Keri is a natural […]

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