Hey Hey! Did you have a good weekend? We had family in town, I subbed a Sturday morning spin class (hubby came to take it!), we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, had lunch with friends to watch the NY Giants game (go Big Blue!),  ran some errands and even made time to plant some […]

Hey hey! What’s up, IgniteGirls? We are less than a week away from the end of the third annual Sugar Momma Challenge, where over 125 incredible women gave up SUGAR for an entire 30 days! How are you feeling? Full of energy and determination I hope! You’ve been posting all month long in our community […]

Congrats on enduring the hardest part of the Sugar Momma Challenge – the first half! But, the challenge isn’t over yet… So here are a few tips on how to keep it up! Follow the routine of what has been working for you so far… and what hasn’t. Maybe the gym after work sounded like a good idea […]

It’s not very often that there’s a recipe that successfully combines healthy, easy and tasty… …but this kale salad takes the cake! Only a few ingredients, a couple minutes of prep and you’ve got a gourmet salad! This kale salad is rich in folic acid from the dark green leaves of the kale, and also includes […]

It’s no doubt that sugar is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, and temptation is literally everywhere. It’s in the check out aisle of the grocery store, in the conference room at work, at the wedding you have to go to this month, at your morning coffee shop and hidden in your favorite “healthy” foods […]

Happy Thursday, and Day 4 of our Sugar Momma Challenge! For all you peanut butter lovers out there (I definitely fall into that camp) here is a protein smoothie just for you! This mock peanut butter pie dessert is rich, creamy and decadent without the added sugar! Ingredients 1 serving stevia-sweetened vanilla protein powder 3 […]

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