IgniteGirl Blog Takeover by Hannah: Behind-the-Scenes Shooting “The IgniteGirls Life” Exercise Glossary

Hey IgniteGirls! It’s good to be back with y’all again!

In my first “blog takeover” I wrote about what life is like as an intern here at IgniteGirls. I stuck to the basics then, but today I get to tell you all about the occasional spontaneous expansion of my job description.

Keri is a natural when it comes to fitness & being on camera. But the last 9 months with Baby Peyton’s impending arrival, there has been a lifestyle change as far as working out and photo-shoots go for Keri. Well, that’s where I come in. One day Keri & I are in the office discussing the exercise glossary for The IgniteGirls Life e-book then one idea and a few days later, I’m IgniteGirls apparelled-up and camera ready.

I truly do love fitness and actually had a stint in the on-camera arena, so between Keri’s initiative and creativity, we worked together to shoot the entire exercise glossary for the IgniteGirls Life book, featuring yours-truly as the fitness model and Coach K as photog-genius.

The entire shoot, all three phases of exercises, took a little less than 3 hours. The 3 phase structure starts with a beginner level and gets progressively harder.  That would make sense in all other respects, but as far as shooting went, by phase 3 when we were several hours in, finally reaching the most difficult exercises made it harder to keep a happy “this isn’t burning a bit” smile on my face.

Want a behind the scenes look at the shoot?


This wall was almost painted white for the purposes of shooting. But, the tan stayed. We did change up the apparel for each phase- all IgniteGirls swag tanks of course!

The most difficult thing about the shoot? Keeping my elbows from hyper-extending. I was a gymnast when I was younger, so that worked then. But now, my abnormally bent elbows would just look look wrong. Keri’s frequent words, “Um, Hannah, the elbows.” It happens. 😉

Shooting the glossary pictures really was a blast. It definitely gave me a real feel of ALL the phases in The IgniteGirls Life e-book. Any questions on the moves? I’ve gotcha covered.

Just your average marketing-com intern turned fitness-model,
Hannah S.

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