I tend to use the crockpot more in the Fall and Winter, but now that I have a very mobile toddler and have been pregnant, time is of the essence. I kept forgetting to defrost meat from the freezer, or simply couldn’t get to the grocery store for fresh produce around nap schedules, work […]

  One week is down in the books for this year’s Sugar Momma Challenge™! How you guys doing? Our free IgniteGirls community Facebook group has been on fire! I love all of the recipes, food ideas, before pictures and support you have been sharing. I also check in daily to answer any questions you might have. […]

I have to admit that I hate blogging, but I know it’s great for those of you that visit the site regularly to keep everything in one place. So since I’m two blog posts behind… I’m combining them into one helpful post! Stuffed Lean Protein Peppers Ingredients 6 colorful bell peppers 2 lbs organic, grass-fed lean beef […]

  I grew up with “real” soda in the house. Rootbeer was a household favorite, especially by my dad. It was the soda of choice when we all sat around and watched a movie with popcorn, or ordered Friday night pizza. Soda wasn’t a daily thing I drank, took to school or even wanted often. It […]

I have super curly, dry and frizzy hair so when the humidity strikes, I don’t fight it. Here is my au natural healthy hair routine that keeps my head from looking like a lion mane, and saves me time which is better spent on food prepping or squeezing in a workout. Below I share my curly […]

After my last fitness competition in May 2012, I threw out my heels. I thought, “I’m f&%$ng over it! I’m absolutely exhausted.” I needed a break. A long, possibly permanent break, because I had poured way too much time and energy into something that was supposed to be a fun challenge. A hobby. When I first […]

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