I cannot believe Halloween is almost here! Are you dressing up? Baby Peyton and doggie Kaley will be dressed as matching turtles, lol. I’ll be sure to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I just finished putting together a Scary Spin themed playlist for my class this week (I’ll share a few of those songs below). A […]

Colder days here in the states, also means you are more susceptible to getting sick. However, there are many factors that contribute! It’s not just cold weather than makes you sick, it’s cold weather layered with stress on top of an already weakened immune system. I want to share my get better quick “Keri Kit” […]

Yeah! It’s Motivation Monday and I LOVE sharing my latest workout tunes. As a spin instructor, I’ve come accustomed to an entire workout being choreographed around music. And on days when I am just dragging my feet to the gym, music is the one thing that amps me up to get me, and keep me, there. I have […]

As many of you know, I don’t typically blog about personal things, but sometimes I feel it is really important to share because you never know who you could be helping in that given moment by telling your story. After I gained weight in college, I tried to lose it the wrong way and ended up with […]

As you know from following my Instagram and Facebook posts, my gym is currently undergoing some improvement renovations so the kid’s center is closed all week. Lucky me though, because I am also part of another gym (I am an instructor there), but they have no kid’s center. So, I had a few options this […]

Finally! The post you have been waiting for… the Sugar Momma Challenge WINNERS! First, let me tell you about the Sugar Momma Challenge. Three years ago, this 30-day sugar-free challenge started out as a members-only event. I was looking for a way to re-motivate everyone that was getting a little comfortable with their meal plans. I […]

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