How to have your cake and eat it too.

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Did you have a good weekend? We had family in town, I subbed a Sturday morning spin class (hubby came to take it!), we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, had lunch with friends to watch the NY Giants game (go Big Blue!),  ran some errands and even made time to plant some mums. Whew. Annnd here we are again at Monday!

Last week I had so much fun going through all of the transformation pictures from the Sugar Momma Challenge, and I responded to each email individually. I am so impressed! Whether you committed to going 100% sugar-free for the entire 30 days, or implemented your own version of cutting back on sugar, either way it’s a really hard thing to do and you rocked it! Stop by the blog tomorrow to see our three winners.

So now that the sugar-free challenge is over, the LAST THING I want you to feel is stranded on the island of “Not-Sure-What-To-Do-Now.”  There are a few support options for ongoing help:

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  • The Sugar Momma Guide – an eBook that will contain all 30 days of content from the SMC, including recipes and workouts. Get it all in once place, and complete the sugar-free challenge when it’s convenient for you. (Coming soon! Get on our email list so you can be the first to know.)
  • IgniteGirls+ Membership – a program that starts at just $9/month offering accountability, support, a training schedule, monthly workouts and other ongoing education from me

But in addition to all of that amazing-ness ^ …I also wanted to share a few tips with you about how you can truly “have your cake and eat it too” (as the saying goes). I think one of the toughest parts of dieting, is the dieting mentality and here’s why: you are either dieting, or you aren’t. This black-and-white mentality can actually hurt you in the long term because there are a few behaviors associated with this type of thinking. Let’s talk about those first. (I also want to mention I’m going to be using a lot of quotation marks below because these thoughts, feelings or associations are really subjective based on the person.)

“That’s it! I’m never eating ______ again!”

“I’ll start tomorrow/Monday/on January 1st.”

“I already messed today up, so I might as well have ______.”

Sound like you? These could be a few things you might find that you are saying to yourself. The cycle of being “on” or “off” during dieting is a pretty crazy roller coaster. Typically this also results in episodes of deprivation followed by binging (on a small to large scale) where you feel completely out of control with food. And I know this because I went through the same thing.

So here are a couple secrets I want to let you in on.

  • Swearing off any type of food forever is never a good thing. If you give yourself permission to enjoy a favorite treat every once in awhile, the lust of the “forbidden fruit” becomes less appealing, and you won’t obsess about the things you “can’t” have. 
  • Weekly treats keep you sane.Back in college when I first started eating healthy, I became super restrictive and created rigid rules to follow (which also resulted in an eating disorder I’m going to talk about on the blog later this month). I attribute this to a few things: my inner control freak (rules and organizing are fun), fear of failure (as I was defining it – ahem, the “on” or “off” diet mentality) and lack of trust (which comes out as feeling like lack of control because when something is too restrictive, it results in binging behavior). Long story short, I now eat the things I love weekly, including pizza and ice cream.
  • Try to practice true moderation. This is a bit subjective depending on your food history. If you are going from eating at the drive-thru every day to a healthy lifestyle, your “moderation” of treats may feel very restrictive at first because it is SO different than what you are used to. On the flip side, if you are used to being overly strict, eating anything you consider “bad,” “unhealthy” or “off-plan” may be very hard to do. You may feel panicked at the thought actually because you don’t trust yourself around certain foods. You may also feel that giving yourself permission to enjoy something off plan is not deserved because you want to reach ____ (weight loss goal, jean size, inch size) before you feel worthy of “earning” it. Finding true moderation is like trying to find balance, and it’s something that will always be a work in progress. (I talk more about this in The IgniteGirls Life as it relates to your specific Balance Threshold.) Having some weekly treats doesn’t make you weak or a failure, it means that you are human. 

So go enjoy that piece of cake, and then get back to the plan the very next meal. All is not lost! And this is how you practice consistency, balance and moderation while letting go of the guilt and continuing to lose weight.

– Coach Keri

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