Good morning, IgniteGirls! If you haven’t yet, make sure to REGISTER for The IgniteGirls™ 5k Run so you can be eligible for our giveaway! It’s free, you can sign up up until race day and you get goodies emailed directly to you! Race Day is June 15th at 9:30am EST, and you can run the race […]

“I thought I was going to die during my workout!” These are words I frequently hear after a client believes she has given it her all in the gym, but has she really? How do you know if you have given 125 percent to your workout?

1) Rate of Perceived Exertion. I often use the rate of perceived exertion to measure a client’s intensity during a workout. The American Council on Exercise defines the rate of perceived exertion (RPE scale) “by use of a 0-to-10 chart to rate the feelings caused by your exertion.” For example, sitting in front of the TV gets a rating of 0. The rating of exertion should be independent of pace and depend on feelings caused by exertion. Increasing pace or adding a hill could have you working more toward a 10 on the scale. I tell my clients to work at a higher rate of perceived exertion…

Good morning, IgniteGirls! How is your training for the 5k coming along? Are you skipping workouts, or are you earning a gold star? I know the workouts are tough, but push through them anyway. Your body and your mind are changing… getting stronger with every workout – so keep at it! I am training right […]

It’s Monday, IgniteGirls, and that means a NEW packet of workouts for the upcoming IgniteGirls 5k Run! Are you all signed up? It’s not too late! You can still register for The IgniteGirls™ 5k Run! You can download your week 4 training schedule by clicking the link to download it to your phone or print it out!!! You can hashtag […]

Hello, IgniteGirls! What’s in store for this weekend? A night out on the town with your favorite girls is a great way to de-stress and have some fun. Most ladies’ nights, though, tend to take place at restaurants or bars, which could be a huge roadblock for your health and fitness goals. So I figured I would give […]

Hello, hellooo IgniteGirls™! Did you have a good weekend? Even though I was out of town, I made sure to get in my 2.61 miles of cardio on Saturday morning before the beach. That was the view at the gym, lovely isn’t it? It always feels good to start the day with a workout, and […]

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