As you know from following my Instagram and Facebook posts, my gym is currently undergoing some improvement renovations so the kid’s center is closed all week. Lucky me though, because I am also part of another gym (I am an instructor there), but they have no kid’s center. So, I had a few options this […]

Among the top three concerns when starting a new program: feeling like a clueless idiot at the gym. Chances are the person next to you on the flat bench feels the same way, and they are already busy being self-conscious about themselves. So unless you are one of those weird people that wears jeans or […]

There is something about the beach that invigorates my soul. Although my husband would love to take me on an annual ski trip, I am a summer girl at heart. There’s no denying my love of the saltwater air, lulling waves and warm sand. There’s also something about working out with an amazing backdrop that […]

Aside from a well-rounded, whole foods IgniteGirls’ diet, achieving toned abs takes some work. Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce fat from targeted areas… … BUT what you can do is sculpt and train the muscle underneath the fat. This will do two things: 1) it will bring the muscle a little closer to the surface […]

Let’s face it, we all have different issues and injuries that prevent us from certain workouts. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing intensity or working out at all. You just have to find what works for you. Most commonly, I have clients with knee, hip, wrist, shoulder or back issues. Here are a few of the best […]

Hi IgniteGirls! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a fun new workout for you to do, especially one that involves a little more resistance training given that our 8-week Pavement & Pearls 5k training was endurance-based. I’ve been getting back to lifting myself since Peyton was born 10 weeks ago, and I missed the feeling […]

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