Hi IgniteGirls! I hope your Summer is going well so far. This is my first blog takeover and I am so happy to share my spin playlist with you. BUT let me tell you a little about myself! I went to Louisiana State University in Fall 2012 and.. ..instead of gaining the dreaded “freshman 15,” I LOST […]

Hi, all. I’m Molly, guest blogging from WorkoutsToWine.com! I love to discuss how to make healthy eating and fitness a seamless part of life, and with Summer quickly approaching, it’s a great time to talk about workouts outside the gym! As the snow becomes a distant memory and the days get a little longer, it’s […]

Hey IgniteGirls! It’s good to be back with y’all again! In my first “blog takeover” I wrote about what life is like as an intern here at IgniteGirls. I stuck to the basics then, but today I get to tell you all about the occasional spontaneous expansion of my job description. Keri is a natural […]

I love Workout Wednesday, and I love finding new ways to keep my workouts the best that they can be. Below I wanted to share some fun products with you that can enhance your runs, even after your workouts! 1) FIT Radio. I’ve been using FIT Radio for over two years. An upbeat playlist has been key […]

☘ Think toned legs come only by the luck of the Irish? ☘ Irish or not, it’s time to put some sweat equity in! Today’s Workout Wednesday will lead you down the path to the pot of gold-glamourous and covetous gams! It’s a good workout, I hope you like it! Download your IgniteGirls Lucky Legs Workout PDF here! […]

Hello IgniteGirls! I have a few treats in store for you today! First, we are going to tackle this intense cardio workout I designed for you by channeling your inner, fiery Irish athlete! And then I wanted to share a new maternity activewear line I love, along with some more maternity photos from my shoot […]

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