Saddle up, IgniteGirls! It’s time for your (full-body) Cowgirl Workout! Yee haw! And you can still SIGN UP for the FREE 31-Day Meal Plan and Calendar! Download your IgniteGirls Cowgirl Workout HERE! Do you like printable workouts or video workouts more? I think I need to get a camera and a wireless mic in order to keep […]

Are you ready for this shoulders and core workout, IgniteGirls? It’s your second downloadable workout for the Halloween Hottie Challenge, and every week we have been focusing on a different body part! And you can still SIGN UP for the FREE 31-Day Meal Plan and Calendar! Download your IgniteGirls Pocahontas workout HERE!!!!! In other news, […]

Happy Workout Wednesday! Are you ready for this workout?! Apologies for the delay in posting this, but I promise it was worth the wait! And my computer finally was cooperating with me! You can download your printable Little Red Riding Hood workout HERE! And if you haven’t yet, sign up for the Halloween Hottie Challenge […]

Hooray for Workout Wednesday! I taught spin class night and enjoyed a nice walk outside with my dog, Kaley, this morning already. What are you going to do today to get moving? These are 5 of the most challenging fitness moves, and I want you to try them to see how in shape (or out […]

Hello, IgniteGirls and welcome to Workout Wednesday. In honor of September 11th, and all of the heroes day in and day out that allow us to have our every day freedom, I designed this 10-Minute (Statue of Liberty) Torch Climb for you to do today. It is short, but intense! Chase that burn as you […]

Happy Workout Wednesday IgniteGirls! Today I wanted to share with you a Heart Healthy cardio workout and a fun Fall recipe in the spirit of all things PUMPKIN! Can you tell I am just a little bit excited? You may have even seen my picture earlier on Instagram of the pumpkin coffee my intern brought me today. SO […]

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