The past few months have been absolutely crazy. I, like, had a baby and stuff. Plus, throw in tube surgery for my son, Peyton, the holidays and an emergency C-section – wow. At least I’m finally getting more sleep. Hallelujah. It’s not the 8-9 hours I am used to, but I’ll take what I can get! […]

Anyone else go into hibernating while they are pregnant? I’m not sure if it’s a nesting thing, but I keep catching myself wanting to hop off the radar as my pending due date in December approaches. Last week I taught my last RIDE until Baby #2 arrives and, yes, I have been spinning this entire […]

I have to admit that I hate blogging, but I know it’s great for those of you that visit the site regularly to keep everything in one place. So since I’m two blog posts behind… I’m combining them into one helpful post! Stuffed Lean Protein Peppers Ingredients 6 colorful bell peppers 2 lbs organic, grass-fed lean beef […]

After my last fitness competition in May 2012, I threw out my heels. I thought, “I’m f&%$ng over it! I’m absolutely exhausted.” I needed a break. A long, possibly permanent break, because I had poured way too much time and energy into something that was supposed to be a fun challenge. A hobby. When I first […]

  I must still be in a vacation-state-of-mind because I am playing catch up like WOAH. Last week hubby Dave and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was our first cruise, and absolutely fabulous (and so so needed). Peyton stayed at Gigi and Grandpa’s house with doggie Kaley while we were cruising. Do […]

Happy weekend, IgniteGirls! I know you have been training hard for the upcoming Pavement & Pearls™ 5k race (May 30th is fast approaching!), and I also know that not all of you are “runners.” I most certainly am not. I absolutely hate running, and my cardio is usually limited to the spin class I teach […]

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