Fall is here, IgniteGirls! The weather is cooling down (only minimally here in Atlanta, but we’ll take it!) and the timing is PERFECT to go for an afternoon run. The only problem is … … your motivation is flagging. What to do? I’ve put together a list of things that might help. Try ‘em out […]

It’s Motivation Monday! And showing up for a workout is 75% of the battle. But in order to ensure you get a really good sweat session in, your mental state will be JUST as important as your physical. If you head into a workout thinking, “I don’t want to be here. I’m tired. I’m bored.” […]

Squeal! As much as I am a Summer-baby that loves the sand, surf and walking barefoot through the grass, I am also really really excited for Fall. It may even be my favorite season actually (Sorry, Summer!)! There is a different energy in the air with the kids back in school, the anticipation of upcoming […]

Wow, what a weekend we had here at IgniteGirls! We threw our first bash celebrating the official launch of the new IgniteGirls website on Saturday night, which was a huge success! I will be posting a recap with pictures tomorrow on the blog! My parents were in town for the weekend too and we decided […]

On Fabulous Friday, our goal is to cover, well, everything fabulous. This includes fashion, beauty products and anything else we deem useful and fun! I hope you like our special editions, and if you have any ideas, definitely leave me a comment below so we can take on the challenge! Have  a great weekend and […]

It’s been awhile since we hit “refresh” on our playlist here on Motivation Monday, so I’m providing you with a whole new crop of ideas to get your workouts in the groove. Just hit play! Make it a great Monday, IgniteGirls! Get those workouts in! ~ Coach Keri

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