What’s up, IgniteGirls! I have some fun in store for you this month! First, make sure to download your February IgniteGirls workout schedule and accountability calendar so you know what to do for your IgniteGirls+ workouts. (And if you have NO IDEA what the hell I’m talking about, IgniteGirls+ is an online training program, complete with an […]

Over the past couple of years, I’ve done A LOT of motivational posts. For a few reasons, these are kind of the most important ones. Yes, even above healthy recipes and workouts, because if you aren’t motivated to begin with, I can’t expect you to follow through with a plan. Motivation is one of those […]

Yeah! It’s Motivation Monday and I LOVE sharing my latest workout tunes. As a spin instructor, I’ve come accustomed to an entire workout being choreographed around music. And on days when I am just dragging my feet to the gym, music is the one thing that amps me up to get me, and keep me, there. I have […]

As many of you know, I don’t typically blog about personal things, but sometimes I feel it is really important to share because you never know who you could be helping in that given moment by telling your story. After I gained weight in college, I tried to lose it the wrong way and ended up with […]

Hey Hey! Did you have a good weekend? We had family in town, I subbed a Sturday morning spin class (hubby came to take it!), we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, had lunch with friends to watch the NY Giants game (go Big Blue!),  ran some errands and even made time to plant some […]

Congrats on enduring the hardest part of the Sugar Momma Challenge – the first half! But, the challenge isn’t over yet… So here are a few tips on how to keep it up! Follow the routine of what has been working for you so far… and what hasn’t. Maybe the gym after work sounded like a good idea […]

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