Hi, all. I’m Molly, guest blogging from WorkoutsToWine.com! I love to discuss how to make healthy eating and fitness a seamless part of life, and with Summer quickly approaching, it’s a great time to talk about workouts outside the gym! As the snow becomes a distant memory and the days get a little longer, it’s […]

Change takes progress. It takes commitment. It takes the right tools and the right mindset. Laney put her IgniteGirls’ tools to work… hard work, and now has the results to prove it! “IgniteGirls+ is an education system to help you change your life in the long term!” “I found Keri and IgniteGirls+ when I was […]

Setting your alarm clock for an earlier time seems like something NO ONE would want to do, especially in the middle of a cold, dark winter. But… …getting to the gym at the crack of dawn has several benefits, even though some argue that your muscles are not fully warmed up, and your hormones are not […]

“Keri’s virtual training program for the free Pavement & Pearls 5k Run Challenge was amazing.” Last year, we had women from all over the world participate in the first Pavement & Pearls virtual 5k! Brittany from South Carolina, was one of our most impressive participants, who completed her first race and also transformed her body […]

I love Workout Wednesday, and I love finding new ways to keep my workouts the best that they can be. Below I wanted to share some fun products with you that can enhance your runs, even after your workouts! 1) FIT Radio. I’ve been using FIT Radio for over two years. An upbeat playlist has been key […]

Hey IgniteGirls!  Do you, or have you ever found yourself, playing the comparison game with the girl walking by you in the gym, on the sidewalk, at the store, at work, shopping, everywhere you go? Do you find yourself staring at magazine articles, social media, movies, TV and thinking to yourself that you would be […]

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