Happy Monday, IgniteGirls! I have to be honest, I am exhausted. Mine and my hubby’s weekends have been filled with a ton of baby prep now that I am about to enter the third trimester, and my Already-Type-A-Personality is in Turbo Nesting mode (poor Dave!). If you saw my post on Facebook on Saturday, you […]

Welcome to 2014, IgniteGirls! This month’s calendar is really going to get your booty in gear. We’re going to JUMP into January with open arms! Come on, IgniteGirls, there’s no holding back this year. I want you to embrace YOU whole heartedly, and really see what you are capable of… because I KNOW it is […]

Wow, what a year it has been. At the start of 2013, I hosted an IgniteGirls Fitness Weekend in Atlanta, where over a dozen ladies flew in to train and experience a weekend of pure inspiration, motivation and self-improvement. I hired guest speakers including: Registered Dietician Dana Casendino, Fitness Competitor and Expert Casey Shipp, and […]

Happy Holiday week, IgniteGirls! Hopefully you’ve got your presents wrapped, your cookies baked and you’re getting ready to enjoy a nice holiday with family. It’s always a struggle to fit in fitness this time of year, but I personally feel MUCH better if I’m able to sneak in at least a couple sweat sessions throughout […]

Hello IgniteGirls! Did you have a great Thanksgiving? I trave LA visiting family, and we had a fun-filled visit. I also hosted a FREE Fit Camp that was a 60-minute long class full of bodyweight exercises that made your legs scream and your heart rate soar. Based on feedback, mission accomplished! (And I was really sore […]

It’s here. The week of Thanksgiving and the “official” start to the holiday season. I know it’s a time when so many people give in to frequent indulgences and allow themselves to de-prioritize healthy living, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve written an e-Book: Healthy Holiday […]

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