It’s Friday and Halloween is less than two weeks away! Have you planned out your costume yet? Better get a good one since you are going to be looking fabulous, fierce and toned up in your scandalous outfit! 😉 I still haven’t decided what I am going to be, or if we will even have […]

As the weather turns cold, it’s easy for hibernation to kick in… but these Hollywood stars are definitely not hiding under thick layers. They are all revved up and ready to go – some might even say that it is “frightening” how fit they are. (Ok, maybe not “frighteningly fit” in an unhealthy way, but […]

One of the neatest, yet underutilized kitchen gadgets, for Fall has to be a mesh tea ball infuser. Most are stainless steel and can be used to steep loose-leaf tea… or infuse spices into a Fall stew without adding extra calories, sugar or salt. There’s something about using actual spices or speciality loose-leaf teas that […]

Good afternoon, IgniteGirls! How is the Halloween Hottie Challenge going so far? The easy part is that the food is the same for every day making prep a breeze, but the hard part? The food is the same. Every. Day. And you only get one treat meal per week. I know, it can get boring, […]

Nowadays workout gear is not only seen in the gym, but at home, coffee shops, the mall, and, well, practically everywhere. Many women rock workout apparel as a result of multi-tasking. So whether you agree or disagree that stretch pants are even acceptable in public, we have a tip that will make you look cute […]

It’s FINALLY HERE! The FREE Halloween Hottie Challenge has arrived, IgniteGirls, and I am so so excited for you! This is a great opportunity to lose some weight, tone up and rock those fabulous sassy Halloween costumes confidently! I am here to help you along the way by guiding your eating and workout habits – […]

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