How to drink more water throughout the day

The cure for almost any ailment – water! Water is one of the greatest natural cleansers, relievers and replenishers.

Water helps your liver literally metabolize fat.

Seriously, amazing. Though we may be familiar with the benefits of water, what about actually drinking it?

I know I am guilty of not drinking enough water, and I soon realize that another day is behind me without meeting my goals. Here are a few ways I have been able to drink more water:

  1. Buy a gallon of water. Take the Sharpie and mark your water goals in 3 hour increments from the time you wake until about 2 hours before bed (don’t want you up all night peeing!). By the end of the day the entire gallon should be gone! I illustrated this in the image on the left side of the gallon.
  2. Buy a gallon of water. Take your Sharpie and track your daily intake with a time stamp every few hours. This will help you realize your current water patterns and when you need to focus on drinking up! For me, I realized I drink the least amount of water in the morning (when I’m sipping my coffee) and the most after I become thirsty at night (basically “Oh sh$t! I didn’t drink enough today!”) I illustrated this on the right side of the gallon.
  3. Buy a gallon of water. Mark the side of your gallon with a Sharpie into 6 even parts, with the goal being to drink one part with one meal (if you are eating 6 meals). If you are following your IgniteGirls Life nutrition plan, you know exactly what to eat at what meal, so just accompany your allotted water with your meal! Sometimes it helps to pour your serving of water into a large glass so you can break down your daily intake into smaller goals. And, yes, water in protein shakes, decaf tea or decaf coffee counts, but make sure you pour from your gallon of water to keep track accurately!

I find that carrying around a large container makes me more likely to drink my water. When I carry around a tiny 16.9 ounce bottle I seem to ration that out for the entire day. (Bad, I know, but this is why I write posts from personal experience so you can find out what your tendencies are too!)

You can also try spicing up your water by adding frozen fruit for a light, all-natural flavor. Add lemon for additional fat-burning properties, or add cucumber for alkalinity. It takes some trial and error with the above exercises, but soon enough you will be chug-a-luggin’ that water back!

The grass is always greener where you water it, so let’s get to it. 😉
Xo, Coach Keri


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