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Pat M. in New Jersey asks: “I had my baby almost 10 months ago and got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (110-115 lbs). I really need to tone up badly… thighs, butt and especially my tummy. I haven’t been working out because I am scared to lose more weight. What can I do about it?”

Not knowing what your diet is like, I would suggest eating a little protein with each meal (about .5g of protein per pound of your weight). Some of the best sources of protein will be foods like: egg whites (or Gifted Earth Originals Organic Egg White Protein Powder), chicken, turkey, cottage cheese and greek yogurt. This will maintain the muscle you have (and therefore will maintain your weight) and burn the fat around it, giving that “toned” look without being squishy. And if you are breast feeding, make sure you are also eating enough calories because you can burn anywhere from 200-600 calories per day from producing milk!

Regarding exercise, I have found that some of the best post-pregnancy exercises are lunges, squats, plank variations and lower back hyperextensions. I also love love love using the stability ball or the bosu ball for new mommies because this works in some balance and resistance training using your own body weight (BONUS: you can workout at home!). These moves will help rebuild your core and lower back strength, and it will tighten up that booty! I would also recommend working in some incline walking at a moderate pace, as well as free weights for upper body training.


*Please get clearance from your doctor before starting any nutrition or exercise program.

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