How my hair turned out after the Agave (Straightening) Treatment

I originally intended to write this post last month, but time got away from me with Thanksgiving and daily life challenges. The past couple of months have been chaotic actually. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I switched my gym routine to include early mornings. Getting up before everyone else, when I have a chance to focus on myself, has been incredible. I was reminded how ridiculously tough it is to get back into this kind of routine, but with a bit of gumption, persistence and time, it started to feel really great. One morning I thought, “Dude, if I can get up and go to the gym when it’s freezing, rainy AND a Monday.. getting up any other day will be so much easier by comparison!”

Several months ago when Peyton was about 2 months old, I decided to finally give myself an early birthday present and get the Agave Treatment to help smooth my curly, frizzy hair for the Summer. I have also previously had the Brazilian Blowout a few times. I realize now that my experience may not be the most accurate only because I just had a baby, was breastfeeding and my hormones were all over the place which could have affected the outcome. Also, every 6-8 weeks I was having a full foil highlight in addition to a base breaker, which essentially just lightens all of my hair, including my roots.

A couple things I would have done differently:

  • waited at least 3 menstrual cycles after baby Peyton was born to have it done
  • had my foil/highlight/base breaker appointment 1-2 weeks PRIOR to the Agave Treatment
  • bought the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner from the beginning (I love using Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free products – they smell great, but my only issue is that they are absurdly $$$)

The actual treatment process took about 2 hours, where the stylist worked the product through my hair and then straightened it. It had to sit for 20 minutes before I was able to wash it out. I choose to wait and wash it the next day. It didn’t have a terrible smell, and it is also formaldehyde-free (which the Brazilian Blowout is not). For the first few weeks it was awesome. I was able to let my hair air dry (OMG – I could NEVER usually do this). I was also able to straighten my hair in record time. Then after I received my regular foils/base breaker 2 weeks later, I felt like it stripped my hair of the treatment and it began feeling very, very dry. I couldn’t even wear it wavy or curly with product because my hair felt knotty and matted together. I think this was due to hormones changing in my body, but also not using the Sulfate-Free shampoo/conditioner right away as well. The Agave Treatment reduced frizz and coarseness in my hair about 50%, but once blow-dried it did straighten quickly. The dry feeling did eventually go away as the treatment faded and I started going ombre to reduce the maintenance and processing on my hair.

The Brazilian Blowout seemed to hold up against the bleaching and highlights I’m used to. My hair felt softer, silkier and smoother with this treatment. With the BB, I couldn’t wash it right away (I think I had to wait 24 hours?) and it does contain Formaldehyde. It also faded quickly, about 10-12 weeks, requiring frequent and expensive visits to the salon.

The lesson? Rock what ya got! I actually missed being able to wear my crazy, curly hair in fun up-dos this Summer! The products I like to use on my curly hair are:

Then I usually lightly blow dry and scrunch with my hand. I let the rest air dry and if sometimes I need to lightly re-wet (just with my hand) and re-apply some product where it is frizzy. You can touch up areas with a curling iron too.

I hope my post gives you some insight into my experience, and how I handle my hair. It’s completely non-fitness related, but I know a lot of you ask me about my hair and also expressed interest in hearing the outcome of the Agave Treatment.

Until next time,
xo, Coach Keri


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