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Do you, or have you ever found yourself, playing the comparison game with the girl walking by you in the gym, on the sidewalk, at the store, at work, shopping, everywhere you go? Do you find yourself staring at magazine articles, social media, movies, TV and thinking to yourself that you would be happier if you just looked like her? I have one thing to say to you, “STOP!”

We were wonderfully and beautifully made. We are all unique to ourselves and how we were created. Just be. Be you and make your own goals. Do not create goals based off of what others want from you or what you think you are supposed to be. Be you. Set your goals for your achievements and no one else’s. I’ve been wrapped up in doing it all for others and it can lead to a dark place full of every diet pill, eating disorders or worse. Once I decided to set my goals FOR ME and only me, was when my body started responding.

I am leaner, stronger and in better shape than I was 15 years ago.

The comparison game weaves an ugly web that is hard to break free from. Ignite the light inside to make that web sparkle and shine instead of entangling and debilitating.

Get out there; put your music on and GO FOR IT! FOR YOU and no one else! Don’t let comparison steal your joy. Ignore the comments of “gym obsessed” or “health nut” or “YOLO.” Those negative comments can also create comparison to not attain your goals. Ignite that love for your body, for your goals and for your life! JUST BE. BE YOU!

– IgniteGirl Mallori Hamilton



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