IgniteGirl Blog Takeover by Molly Antos Morey “5 Ways to Take Your Workout Outside This Summer”

Hi, all. I’m Molly, guest blogging from WorkoutsToWine.com! I love to discuss how to make healthy eating and fitness a seamless part of life, and with Summer quickly approaching, it’s a great time to talk about workouts outside the gym!


As the snow becomes a distant memory and the days get a little longer, it’s time to break free from those drab, confining walls at the gym and take working out back outside. Working out in the fresh air is more motivating, invigorating and presents tons of options for the easily bored. Here are just a few suggestions for working out al fresco.

  1. Find a bootcamp. In warmer climates, or when the weather becomes milder for locations with rough winters, sometimes outdoor bootcamps are offered in local parks. Check with locally-sourced resources, but if there are none already organized, start one up! Gather a group of friends or use fitness-focused networks, such as Fit Approach to seek out new workout buddies.
  2. Have recess. Kick it old-school with outdoor recess activities from childhood. Invite friends to jump rope, play tag or play foursquare. Draw out a hopscotch course on the driveway or sidewalk with chalk. It’s basically a makeshift circuit!  If it’s an option, head to a nearby playground to give the monkey bars a go – it’s a serious arm and shoulder workout.
  3. Pop a wheelie. Break out a bike, roller blades, roller skates or a skateboard – anything with wheels (aside from a car) will help get in a terrific leg workout, plus burn a ton of calories. This is an especially great way to get to know a city in a completely different way than is possible by foot or car.
  4. Hit the dog park. The four legged friends have been cooped up inside for way too long. Take Fido to the nearest dog park, but don’t just sit on the bench while he has all the fun. Play fetch and chase him around so you both get some activity in.
  5. Go hiking. Use resources like Every Trail or the Sierra Club Trail Explorer app to seek out new trails and terrain to conquer. Uneven ground, rocks and hilly slopes will make for a challenging, low-impact workout, while the scenery and company will distract from the task at hand and make the time fly by. Lug a DSLR camera along for an added weight challenge and long lasting memories.

Happy training!
– IgniteGirl Molly  M.

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