IgniteGirls 5 Week 6 Training & Fun Giveaway!!!

Good morning, IgniteGirls!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to REGISTER for The IgniteGirls™ 5k Run so you can be eligible for our giveaway! It’s free, you can sign up up until race day and you get goodies emailed directly to you! Race Day is June 15th at 9:30am EST, and you can run the race from wherever you are located. We are also moving right along with our 5k training, and the weeks are flying by! Download your Week 6 Training Packet and Schedule! We have just 4 WEEKS left of training! Wowie!


The Giveaway!
WIN your very own Pavement & Pearls running tank AND pearl bracelet for race day!! Fresh, flowy and soft, with a loose fit. Sooo how do you win?

First you have to be registered for the race. If you are receiving this email, you are already signed up, but if your friends or family want to enter to win they have to register!

Next, make sure you hashtag (at #ignitegirls5krun) and/or tag us online via InstagramFacebook or Twitter!

We will announce the winner on Monday, June 3rd! Hashtags/posts count starting NOW! Each time you hashtag/post, it counts as an entry! All entries will be selected randomly, but the more you hashtag/post, the better your chances of winning!! Can’t wait to see all of those awesome posts, pictures & check ins! Please note: if you hashtag us on Instagram and your profile is private, we can’t see it 🙁

Keep rocking those workouts! Spark your inner athlete!
~ Coach K

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