IgniteGirls 5k Week 1 Training, Regional Ambassadors & Pearls

Hello IgniteGirls!

After a great weekend in New York City, I am catching up on some work and excited to give you your first week of training for the IgniteGirls™ 5k Run! Anyone can register for this (free!) “virtual” race that will be run at the exact same time, wherever you are located, from Australia to California! Once you register, I can send you emails with your training goodies, discounts on apparel and other race day tips. We are in this together! I am so excited to train with you! 🙂 Race day is June 15th, 9:30am EST. Register for The IgniteGirls™ 5k Run! Race day will be here in less than 9 weeks! Download your first training packet below!

We also have regional IgniteGirls™ 5k Ambassadors popping up all over! They will be there to answer any questions you may have, organize local training runs and get a fun group together to run the race together on race day! Who is going to join me in Atlanta?

 Regional IgniteGirls™ 5k Ambassadors:
Atlanta, GA // Coach Keri, keri@kerilynnford.com
Baltimore, MD // Melissa Lentz, cmdopti@me.com
Long Beach, CA // Tanya Roberts, tanya.roberts33@gmail.com
Charlotte, NC // Bett Anthony, banthony71@gmail.com
Jacksonville, NC // Emily M.
New York City, NY // Hannah Van Campen, hannah_elisabeth1@yahoo.com
♥ Chicago, IL // Nicole Plati, nicoledplati@gmail.com

It’s here! Download your first week of IgniteGirls™ training homework to your phone or print it out! You can hashtag us at #ignitegirls5krun (or #ignitegirls) before and after your 5k workouts! You can also tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It will keep you accountable during your training, and it makes training together really fun!

Our new Pavement & Pearls racerback will be available for order within the next couple of weeks on Keri’s Shop. We want you to wear a pearl bracelet or necklace on race day, along with your IgniteGirls tank! IgniteGirls™ are athletic, yet girly 😉 Register for The IgniteGirls™ 5k Run!

In the meantime, keep hashtagging us at #ignitegirls or tagging us in those healthy, wholesome meals for accountability. Love to see what you are eating! If you need a little help or guidance getting started, you can download our 7-Day Summer Skinny Plan for $5. The entire grocery list is color-coded, plus you get a bonus workout with a mini exercise glossary, Summer smoothie recipes and we will tell you exactly what to eat each day! Can’t wait to see your results of this mini detox!

Happy Training! Let’s go!
~ Coach K 

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