IgniteGirls 5k Week 5 Training, Pinqii & BONUS Firecracker Circuit Workout!

Good morning, IgniteGirls!

How is your training for the 5k coming along? Are you skipping workouts, or are you earning a gold star? I know the workouts are tough, but push through them anyway. Your body and your mind are changing… getting stronger with every workout – so keep at it! I am training right along with you! Did you know that after almost 10 years of dance and gymnastics, I decided to sign up for track in highschool? I wanted to stay active, but I also didn’t know the rules of any team sports to try out for them! Barely halfway into my first track season, I developed shin splints which quickly turned into a stress fracture. Super not fun. And this past July, I had surgery to remove a bone spur that was pressing on a nerve in the arch of my foot, which left me unable to walk for a few weeks. The point is… this is hard for me too! I do not think of myself as a natural runner, and you may not be either, but you could surprise yourself. I DO consider myself someone who likes to set a goal and accomplish it! 🙂 So let’s reach our goals together, IgniteGirls! Show me watchcha got! Download your Week 5 Training Schedule! Or if you haven’t signed up yet, register for The IgniteGirls™ 5k Run! It’s free and you get goodies emailed directly to you! We have a giveaway around the corner, so make sure to register! Race Day is June 15th at 9:30am EST.

Have you stopped by Pinqii yet? Pinqii has a panel of female experts that answer questions from you! Now you can see how I do one of my ultimate exercises for Summer legs!

Your BONUS IgniteGirls™ Firecracker Circuit Workout is below!
In addition to teaching an evening Spin class every Tuesday, I also instruct a bootcamp/circuit-based class on Mondays and Thursdays. I like to call this class “Crazy Camp.” We rotate stations, doing 1 station per minute, until the entire round is complete. Once the round is finsihed, clients take a 2-3 minute rest. This was the workout we did last Thursday in my class:

7 stations, each for 1 minute for a total of 3 rounds!

1) Single-Leg (SL) Squat on Flat Bench
2) Kettlebell Swing Hops
3) Lateral Bench Stepovers
4) Prisoner Hops
5) Walking Push Up on Bosu Ball (see below for example without Bosu)
6) Lateral Walking Plank (Ladder Drill)
7) Lateral High Knees (Ladder Drill)
Rest. Repeat for a total of 3x! 

Make it an awesome week! Hashtag us on Instagram (#ignitegirls), or tag us on Twitter and Facebook! We love seeing what you are up to 🙂
~ Coach K

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