IgniteGirls Blog Takeover by IgniteGirls PR Intern and Spin Instructor, Michelle!

Hi IgniteGirls!

I hope your Summer is going well so far. This is my first blog takeover and I am so happy to share my spin playlist with you. BUT let me tell you a little about myself! I went to Louisiana State University in Fall 2012 and..

..instead of gaining the dreaded “freshman 15,” I LOST 25 pounds!

Since then, I’ve made fitness and eating healthy a part of my daily life. I also started teaching at LSU’s gym as a spin instructor! Spin workouts are low impact, indoors, and it targets your whole body. Overall, I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I do!

Download my interval IgniteGirls Spin Blast workout HERE!

– Michelle
IgniteGirls PR Intern


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posted by Coach Keri


  • By Courtney Pope 11 Jun 2014

    Woo! Question, how do you do “out of saddle” on an elliptical? No bike available, but I’ve got an elliptical. Great job, Michelle!

    • By coachkeri 11 Jun 2014

      Hi Courtney! Coach Keri here! You can refer to my previous post on spin how-tos here: https://www.ignitegirls.com/the-firecracker-ford-spin-workout-virtual-version/#.U5jOHD9Nnpg This will help should you gain access to a spin bike. Regarding only having an elliptical, there would be no “in” or “out” of the saddles, just match your resistance to follow the beat of the music as it pertains to being a hill or a sprint. For example, a sprint would be a very fast pace with light resistance (unless otherwise stated), and a hill would be a much higher resistance.

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