IgniteGirls Weekend – it’s a wrap!

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Wow, wow, wow. It’s hard to believe that the IGFW weekend has already come and gone. It’s amazing to meet such an incredible group of women, from literally all over! We had women from New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Texas, Pennyslvania, Alabama and Georgia, just to name a few. The weekend was hosted at The Forum Athletic Club in Atlanta, Georgia.

I set out to create an in-person IgniteGirls Fitness Weekend that would bring us all together, and I feel I did just that. There were laughs, hugs, stories, workouts, and yes, even tears. I feel that I truly accomplished what the IGFW was meant to be about. It was intended to educate, inspire, motivate and empower every single woman that walked through those gym doors.

The IgniteGirls endured some brutal workouts both in the Turf Room and the weight room. Saturday included partner workouts where the girls flipped tractor tires, pushed a weighted sleigh and ran sprints. Sunday they survived a 40-minute long circuit-based workout that ended with agility drills and speed work in the turf room.

The turf room at The Forum Athletic Club that was all ours this weekend!

The circuit workout included 10, 1-minute exercises for a total of 4 sets. The girls had no rest until 1 set was completed. If you want to try it for yourself, the workout looked like this:
1. Romanian deadlifts using a 40lb bar
2. Speed squats using 25lb dumbbells (50lb total)
3. Speed squats using 35lb dumbbells (70lb total)
4. Burpees (option: push up at the bottom)
5. Inverted Pull Ups on bar rack (underhand grip)
6. Walking lunges with arms overhead with 20lb bar
7. Steps ups onto a 24″ box
8. Jump squat ladder drills
9. Weighted-plate shoulder rotations
10. Push ups

Sharing our stories, talking about our challenges, where we are in our fitness journey and where we want the future to take us.
Not only did we talk about lack of workout intensity, but also the other end of the spectrum: overtraining. And Registered Dietician, Dana Casendino, shared some of her insights on general nutrition, specific macronutrients and her 5 E’s to success. Casey Shipp, WBFF Pro and ISSA Certified Trainer, came by to tell us how she became involved in fitness and about her journey. She also demonstrated proper lifting technique for exercises such as squats, romanian deadlifts and single-arm rows. It was a great weekend filled with a lot of material and information.

Fitness Pro Casey Shipp demonstrating proper squatting technique. A self-proclaimed “Paula Deen of Fitness”, Casey says, “Tits up, ass out!”

Here is Coach Casey showing IgniteGirl Marilyn how to do a proper squat.
One of our other guest speakers, Chef Tesia Bunton, came to my house later on Saturday to show us how to shop local and create an incredible roasted mushroom, herbed brown rice and rosemary chicken farm-to-table dish. The house smelled delicious when we walked in, and it was fun to watch her cook such a simple, but yummy dish. Chef Tesia also educated us on reading the ingredients on a label, and lost over 50 pounds herself just by exercising more and watching what she eats.

Chef Tesia working her magic in the background with some whole foods cookbooks in the foreground.

Chef Tesia explaining how to make an easy, flavorful sauce from lemon juice.

IgniteGirl Tanya’s collage of the Cooking and Tasting Demo!

See the official Press Release here!
And read our photographers’ blog over at Femina Photo + Design!

After an intense day, everyone went back to the hotel to shower to get ready for our Girls’ Night Out at Bonefish Grill for dinner and drinks. The food is always so fresh and tasty there! I ordered a filet mignon with steamed broccoli and a side of chick peas. I also opted for a mango martini that donates $1 to the Ocean Trust. It was delish.

IgniteGirls Courtney, Terry and Jen. They clean up well!

We were also fortunate enough to have amazing raffle prizes and goodie bags filled with our sponsors’ products! It was fun to pick out three lucky ladies’ names to win products from FizzyFitnessActivewearUSABodyRock Sport and Blender Bottle. In addition to raffle prizes, each girl went home with a goodie bag that was jam-packed with products. They each received a custom FizzyFitness IgniteGirls Fitness Weekend mug, ActivewearUSA discount online promo code, BodyRock Sport discount online promo code, the latest Blender Bottle Sports Mixer and Chef Tesia Bunton surprised us ALL with a homemade rosemary olive oil blend!


This raffle prize included a NUX red/black jacket, BodyRock Sport camoflauge sports bra, zebra socks, GEO Organic Egg White Protein Powder, an ActivewearUSA $25 gift certificate and a red Blender Bottle.

This raffle prize included a neon yellow Ignite racerback, zig zag socks, GEO Organic Egg White Protein Powder, NUX black/white leggings, BodyRock Sport velvet satchel, asparagus saver tupperware and a FizzyFitness hand-painted “oh my quad!” burlap pillow.

The last raffle prize included a neon yellow Ignite racerback tank, FizzyFitness hand-painted peach inspiration scarf “Train like a beast, look like a beauty”, BodyRock Sport floral sports bra, NUX grey leggings, striped socks, GEO Organic Egg White Protein Powder and an orange Blender Bottle.

Hand-painted FizzyFitness mugs made just for this event! Cute, right?!

I was dying when I walked into my house and saw these on my counter from Chef Tesia. I love them!

For the IgniteGirls that attended the weekend: I am truly blessed to have met each and every one of you. I can’t wait to see how your journeys continue, unfold or begin. Stay tuned for more pictures from Femina Photo + Design! And a huge thanks to Tanya and the other IgniteGirls for the above images.

Until we meet again, perhaps in a city near you…
xoxo, Coach Keri

A collage IgniteGirl Tanya made of IgniteGirls Kyla, herself, Nicole, Noelle, Melissa, Marilyn and me.

IgniteGirls Jen and Terry

See the official Press Release here!
And read our photographers’ blog over at Femina Photo + Design!

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