How to keep your workouts from becoming boring

One of the trending topics among the IgniteGirls+ members, and to most people I talk to, is that they are just so freakin bored with their routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes just getting to the gym is the hardest part, but once you are there here are some ways to keep your workouts from becoming boring:

  1. Change up your workouts every 4 weeks. At the start of each month, IgniteGirls+ members download an entirely NEW packet of workouts that contain a mix of fun exercises that hit each body part at least once a week. The reason I change our workouts monthly, is because members are more likely to stay inspired and motivated with a refreshed packet. If they become bored and stagnant, they are more inclined to veer off course and stop completing their workouts. Every 4 weeks is just enough time to keep things interesting, without becoming too “Fitness A.D.D.”
  2. Try a new class. This month, as you know, I tried hot yoga. I’ve made a decision to commit to this class at least once a week. As a group fitness instructor myself, it’s been inspiring to take different classes with other fellow instructors. And as a result, it keeps MY classes fun and inspiring too. Plus, I love being a student equally as much as I love being a leader. There is always room to grow and learn.
  3. Switch up your playlist. I know I alllllways post about this, but it’s seriously true. If I’m bored of my playlist, I have trouble getting amped for my workout. On the flip side, a new song always gets me in the mood to hit the gym, even on the days I’m pushing myself to make it there. I love the app Fit Radio. It has DJ mixes in all types of music genres, but my fave is the Top 40. It’s available for a free download, but I definitely recommend the annual subscription. It’s super affordable, has no commercials, and you can choose your music stream. It’s THE best. Fit Radio is also perfect for those of you with “Fitness A.D.D.”
  4. Make it social. Going to the gym with a friend, or trying something new together can take a little of the fear out of the equation. While I was pregnant, I had a running list of things I couldn’t wait to try once I was cleared for exercise. In addition to hot yoga, in the past three months I’ve tried a class at Orange Theory Fitness, tennis, Cardio Kickboxing and I auditioned with Cyc Fitness. In between, I do the workouts I’ve designed for IgniteGirls+ members. It always kicks my ass! (I also wanted to mention that skipping wine night in exchange for a workout, will be much more beneficial in reaching your fat loss goals anyway.)

It definitely takes work to stay inspired and motivated sometimes, but I truly think these ideas will help you continue to spark your inner athlete. What other ways keep you going?

Coach Keri


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