Motivation Monday: 5 Frighteningly Empowering Sprint Jams

Welcome back to Monday, IgniteGirls! It’s been a bit since we did a music-themed Motivation Monday, so today, I thought I’d share with you my favorite songs to sprint to! These are the jams I turn to when I really want to crank it up, so prepare yourself for a blast of inspiration and get going!

I hope you don’t scare yourself by how fast you can run when these come through your headphones. Remember, HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the best way to not only blast calories, but keep the burn going even after you’ve stopped working out. Incorporate them into your workout whenever you can! Just 10-15 minutes will do, and you can create a short workout making a playlist of these songs. You can play with different ways to do sprints, such as sprinting during the chorus and maintaining a slower jog during the regular pace, sprinting for a certain distance.. or even doing one of the two ways that I’ve listed below for you:

Tabata Sprints
:20 as fast as you can
:10 rest (just hop to the sides of the moving treadmill belt)
Alternate until time is up for the entire playlist!

Regular Sprints
:45 sprint (if this is too hard, decrease sprint time and increase jog time by :15 to :30 seconds)
:45 jog
Alternate until time is up for the entire playlist!

Sprints are fun, effective and it makes the workout fly by! If you have a knee or back injury, try a low impact exercise like stationary biking with resistance, shadow boxing or swimming for these same interval lengths… anything that gets your heart rate up is golden!

So, in short, your training homework for today is:
Put together a playlist with these 5 songs and crank out a sprint workout! If you want to do a little additional work for your core and back, you can also do the Cotton Candy workout on IgniteGirlsTV!

~ Coach K

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