The IgniteGirls Life (12-Weeks)


This program is an instant downloadable PDF.


I’ll Teach You How to Lose Weight, Love Your Body and Keep it Off Without Feeling Deprived. For Life, Yo.

The IgniteGirls Life 12-week program is a digital download that is all-inclusive from meal planning to workouts.

This 155+ page program includes:

  • your detailed nutrition plan, customized based on your specific starting weight
  • easy to follow
  • 25+ IgniteGirls-approved recipes
  • 100+ step-by-step exercises with pictures
  • insight into overcoming the diet mentality
  • printable journal for weekly accountability
  • 12 weeks of progressive workouts, organized into three 4-week phases: Spark, Flicker and Ignite
  • … & more


IgniteGirls® Fitness
posted by Coach Keri

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  • By Sarah M 18 Jun 2014

    I’ve been struggling with the how-to’s of exercise and eating right for years. When I stumbled upon the IgniteGirls website and the IgniteGirl’s Life book, I stalked the site for a few days before going on all and let me tell you, it was the best decision I’ve made for myself concerning diet and exercise knowledge yet! Keri is absolutely amazing – everything is simple and easy to follow, easy to understand. The eating plans are so customizable that I never find myself wondering what to eat next or unprepared for the day ahead. And the exercises are completely awesome and do-able! I’ve already lost inches in the three weeks that I’ve started implementing IgniteGirls lifestyle changes and I feel amazing. Great for the beginner all the way to the advanced! Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for an easy to understand, easy to follow change up to your eating habits and your exercise routine.

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