Pushing past your sugar craving… your new normal

It’s no doubt that sugar is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, and temptation is literally everywhere.

It’s in the check out aisle of the grocery store, in the conference room at work, at the wedding you have to go to this month, at your morning coffee shop and hidden in your favorite “healthy” foods under one of a possible 200+ names in the ingredients label.

Part of breaking a sugar addiction is sheer will power. The ability to see past the 30 days of this challenge and realizing that the bigger picture of going sugar free, even for a brief time, is worth the fight for a healthier mind, body and soul. It takes constant determination and consistent effort because every bite of every meal is a choice.

Another part of breaking sugar addiction to either replace old habits with new ones, OR to implement entirely new habits altogether. The reason we do the Sugar Momma Challenge for at least 30 days is also two-fold: 1) it takes 14 days to regenerate a completely new set of tastebuds (in which case, sugar cravings pass) 2) it takes time to develop and establish new habits.

To create new habits specific to the SMC, it’s important to do a few things:

  • Plan.
    Nutrition tip: Make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with healthy food options at all times.
    Workout tip: Pack your gym clothes the night before and keep back up gear in your car.
  • Prepare.
    Nutrition tip: Cook meals in advance by doubling recipe portions and saving the leftovers.
    Workout tip: Print out and review your IgniteGirls workouts so you know what to expect.
  • Schedule.
    Nutrition tip: Ensure you eat frequently to avoid “desperation hunger” aka where you reach for anything because “OMG you are SO hungry!”
    Workout tip: Write your workouts into your weekly calendar by committing to a time in Sharpie.

Taking action proves you are committed to this, or any, lifestyle change. Creating entirely new habits is harder than replacing old ones, in my opinion, because it’s usually something you aren’t used to already doing. For example, getting up early to go to the gym before work might be really hard to initiate at first, but the more you do it, the more it becomes just something you do, like brushing your teeth (I hope you do this already! lol).

Replacing an old habit with a new one could be something as simple as having a cup of hot, unsweetened tea or a protein shake before bed instead of a bowl of ice cream. Drinking water instead of soda or hitting up the salad bar instead of a drive-through, are also good examples.

And, as I mentioned last week in our Facebook group (come join!), here are a few tips if you are still struggling with sugar withdrawal headaches:

  • Increase your water intake and add lemon, aim for at least half of your body weight in ounces daily (or more!)
  • When eating fruit, starchy carbs or veggies pair it with a fat or a protein. These are still sugars, although natural, and eating them in combination will stabilize your blood sugar. i.e.: peanut butter and apple, tuna on Ezekiel toast, hummus (oil is the fat source) and sliced veggies
  • Complete your weekly IgniteGirls exercise homework to naturally increase endorphins and for a good blood pump
  • Add daily calories. Are you eating enough? Going sugar-free doesn’t mean skipping meals because you aren’t as excited about your options!

We are a quarter of the way through the Sugar Momma Challenge, and I KNOW that you can do this. Those of you that stick to a completely sugar-free diet for the first 14 days, will have an easier time completing the challenge because your cravings will subside substantially.

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” ~ Jane Austen

Keep going! Don’t stop now!
xo, Coach Keri


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