Sugar Momma Challenge™ wrap up and transformation winners!

Anyone else go into hibernating while they are pregnant? I’m not sure if it’s a nesting thing, but I keep catching myself wanting to hop off the radar as my pending due date in December approaches. Last week I taught my last RIDE until Baby #2 arrives and, yes, I have been spinning this entire pregnancy! I can’t say I didn’t have days where I wanted to do anything but go workout, but I was always grateful for the ability to ride each and every week alongside my students. I’m already excited to get back in the saddle as soon as I am cleared for exercise – I miss that rush. Aside from being generally tired (oh, so so tired), this has been one my biggest challenges during pregnancy: patience with the process as my body becomes more limited with the types of exercise I can truly handle.

With my last pregnancy, I wanted salt, salt, salt. And orange juice. And milk. (That was weird.) This time? My sweet tooth has been taken to a different, insatiable level. I was ready, and excited, to give up sugar alongside of our 150+ participants this year during the Sugar Momma Challenge™. No, I wasn’t perfect. And, no, I didn’t feel guilty if I veered off track. My goals were not to lose weight, but rather to reset my boundaries and recreate new soft ones in the process. I know some of you applied this 30 day sugar-free challenge in the same way! Maybe you weren’t truly ready for the change, maybe you wanted to learn how to read labels, or maybe you just wanted to cut back on your sugar intake. Whatever your reason, I hope that you were able to take what I shared and apply it to your every day moving forward. (If you missed the 30 day sugar-free challenge, I’ve shared everything all in one place for you to download.) I was totally blown away by the enthusiasm, support and positive energy from our community Facebook group. You posted encouraging quotes, sugar-free recipes, before/after pictures, your struggles and your victories. (You can join our Facebook group here for free.) I decided to judge the SMC winners based on social media participation, results and consistency this year. I’m beyond impressed with everyone that sent in their photos, and I had a really REALLY tough time choosing. You are all winners in my book.

Congratulations to our three 2015 Sugar Momma Challenge™ winners:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.09.32 PM
Cassie lost an incredible 17 pounds and a total of 10.5″ from her entire body. WOW. Plus she was super active on Instagram and Facebook during the entire challenge. I can also tell she was compliant from the changes in her skin, the whites of her eyes and the muscle definition coming through. Nice job, girl!

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.09.38 PM
Chelle lost almost 10 pounds and 10.5″ from her body, which is pretty apparent from her before and after photos! I’m really proud of her dedication and commitment. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Keep going!

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.09.51 PM
Erika is also an IgniteGirls+ Member (she follows the training program and The IgniteGirls Life nutrition plan) and she participated in the Sugar Momma Challenge™ last year as well. A mom of two, who never thought she would see a six pack again, has been an amazing cheerleader for fellow IgniteGirls that took on the challenge. She lost 7 pounds and 4″ from her petite, already-athletic frame.

And just look at what a difference a year makes..
Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.09.45 PM

Honorable mentions are in order for:

  • Lara C.
  • Tanya R.
  • Lucy M.
  • Jacquelyn W.
  • Tiffany C.
  • Molly M.
  • Mallori H.
  • Terry A.
  • Amanda G.
  • Patty G.
  • Noelle A.
  • Erin W.
  • Tara B.
  • Julia C.
  • Dani J.

.. and the list goes on and on!!! Thank you for your positive vibes, loving words and recipe ideas that you shared with the other ladies doing the challenge as well. I’m pretty sure each of you inspired someone else to keep going when they were having a bad day.


I would also like to thank our challenge sponsors: Fierce Forward, FIT Radio and BIC Bands. I know our prize package winners will absolutely love your products as much as I do.

Keep reading those labels and question everything,
Coach Keri


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