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Nearly 8 years ago I started this sugar-free challenge in a small group of members as a way to educate them on reading labels, to show them how to identify hidden sugars and to re-motivate them. After I realized how many women needed my help, I decided to share this program with everyone and, as a result, HUNDREDS of women signed up ready to make a positive change in their life. I believe in a balanced lifestyle where treats are enjoyed all year long, but I also believe in a kick in the ass every once in awhile to see what you’re made of too.

So what is the Sugar Momma Challenge™?

This is an annual challenge hosted by IgniteGirls® Fitness where you commit to going sugar-free for 30 days. (Ummm, what?!) Yup. SUGAR FREE. But, really, you can do 30 days of anything. During this challenge you will receive:

  • simple sugar-free recipes
  • a sample meal plan
  • the Sugar Momma grocery list
  • the Sugar Momma cheat sheet (what foods are and are not approved)
  • weekly workouts with videos
  • motivation and education straight your inbox
  • group support/Q&A in our community Facebook group

In 30 days I’ll teach you how to:

  • Read nutrition labels
  • Detox your body + mind from sugar
  • Grocery shop without getting overwhelmed
  • See results with an easy-to-follow plan
  • Burn fat and increase your energy

Registration for our current Sugar Momma Challenge™ is now closed.

Join my email list so you can be the first to join our next challenge.


“I’ve been kicking butt at work on some major projects because my brain isn’t sluggish and craving sweets. I worked hard to change my habits over the past 30 days with your amazing coaching and support via all the emails and Facebook posts, and the other ladies’ support was awesome too, and I’m so happy to have reached this goal of successfully eliminating sugar for a whole 30 days!!! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve managed to do that?!?!? Years!! I am beyond happy right now! Thank you, Coach Keri!!!” – Kelly

Official Entry

After you register with your email address and sign up to receive the program directly to your inbox, before/after pictures need to be emailed to keri (at) with subject “Sugar Momma Challenge Entry: (your name)” and require the following:

  1. Before pictures. Front, side OR back picture of you (holding recent dated newspaper or iPad showing the date). Photos should be head to toe in shorts/sports bra or bathing suit. Due by 12/30/16 no later than 11:59pm EST.
  2. Your info. In your email, please include your full name, shipping address, phone number, height, current weight and current measurements. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. After pictures. These are required at the end of the current 2017 challenge and are to be taken in the same format as the before pictures. Please also include updated weight and measurements. Due by 1/31/17 no later than 11:59pm EST.

There will be one “Best Transformation” winner selected based on: compliance and completion of the 30 day challenge, submission of before/after pictures, social media enthusiasm with the use of hashtags and tags and overall transformation results. Note: if settings on Instagram are private, I can’t see you even if you are using the #sugarmommachallenge hashtag and tagging me.

You could win the 2017 prize package:


  • $100 gift card – stock up on gym gear, protein powders and other awesome products!
  • Discounted membership to workout music app, FIT Radio!
  • Signed copy of the healthy desserts cookbook, Sweets in the Raw, by Laura Marquis!

After you register:

  1. Follow me on Instagram.
  2. Follow the Sugar Momma Challenge Pinterest board for inspiration, recipe ideas and motivational quotes to get you through those tough days.
  3. Join the free community group for additional support and Q&A. I’ll be checking in daily. Due to the high volume of participants, I’m unable to respond to questions in texts, Facebook messages and emails.
  4. Get those before pictures emailed to me! (Instructions above.)
“I am so glad that I did this challenge! Not only do I have a go to breakfast (Ezekiel bread with natural peanut butter), but my skin is so much clearer! I’m trying to convince all my friends and family to do the next one with me. Thanks, Coach Keri!” – Emily

What is Sugar Momma approved?

  • Fruit
  • Organic, lean proteins
  • Green veggies
  • Starchy veggies
  • Some dairy
  • Good fats
  • Stevia sweetener (drop form recommended)

Can I still have coffee?

What about alcohol?
Technically, alcohol doesn’t have added or process sugars, however, this is not included in the challenge because it will halt fat loss progress.

“I can’t believe I actually lasted 30 days with no sugar! It was tough – but I did it! And now I’m only 2lbs away from my pre-pregnancy ‘summer’ weight!'” – Nicole
“It is the only thing that has ever worked for me because you learn how to read labels. I still eat some of the substitutes I found from the first time!!” – Lucy

By submitting images to IgniteGirls®, you hereby grant permission to IgniteGirls® and all affiliates royalty-free right to use, reproduce, modify, publish, display, post, and otherwise make use of the submitted imagery or other information in any and all media.

Terms and Conditions
It is strongly recommended by Keri Lynn Ford Inc. that you obtain medical clearance from your physician before starting a new fitness and/or nutrition regimen.

By participating in the IgniteGirls® program and Sugar Momma Challenge™, and viewing these materials, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

I understand that Keri Lynn Ford is not a Registered Dietitian or Medical Doctor. Nutrition and training advice are merely recommendations, and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, prevent or cure any diseases or conditions (existing or contracted). I have received clearance from my medical doctor to proceed on a fitness and nutrition regimen, especially if I am on prescribed medication or have any pre-existing medical conditions (such as heart, liver, kidney, lung, cholesterol and/or blood pressure, etc). The use of this fitness and nutrition information from IgniteGirls® Fitness, under Keri Lynn Ford Inc., is completely voluntary and I waive the right to make any claims, as I am solely responsible in the event that anything should happen.

I understand that any exercise regimen I pursue may create physical stress resulting in harmful effects and that I am solely responsible for any injury I may suffer as a result. Keri Lynn Ford Inc. will have no liability of any kind to me or any member of my family for any injury whatsoever, that I hereby waive any such claims for injury or illness of any kind and that I undertake all activities with Keri Lynn Ford Inc. at my own risk.

I agree that it is my sole responsibility to consult a physician prior to commencing any exercise or nutrition program.

I agree that I cannot use the information or reproduction of any services from Keri Lynn Ford Inc., therein for profit or for distribution to others. The information cannot be shared or replicated in an open forum.

I agree to safeguard the information against disclosure to others with the same degree of care as exercised with one’s own information of a similar nature.

I agree not to disclose the information to others, without the express written permission of Keri Lynn Ford Inc.

I understand that legal action will be taken if this confidentiality agreement is broken.

©2019, Keri Lynn Ford Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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