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Well I’m a day late posting this workout for you, but I’m still feeling pretty shitty. Baby Peyton has an ear infection and Croup so  now I have some form of the virus, am coughing up a lung and trying to survive this horrible sore throat. Guess I shouldn’t have been bragging about my good health streak when I mentioned I hadn’t been sick in YEARS. (I still stand by the Keri Kit though.)

wardrobeOn Friday, I had an incredible photoshoot with Cat & Zach Photography. (PS. That St Tropez self-tanner bronzing mousse is the best! Smells good, goes on easy and lasts for days.)

catandzachphotoshootWe filmed about 200 moves for the IgniteGirls+ Exercise Glossary content, along with another fun surprise project I can’t wait to share with you.

houserenoAnd today the entire downstairs of our house is getting a makeover. We’re replacing old hardwood and carpet with new hardwood. Everything, including the IgniteGirls home office, is a mess! I already can’t wait to see the final results. And get access to my fridge back.

In prepping for my 7-hour photoshoot, my goal was to continue to lean out, get a bit tighter and also get my conditioning back up. I felt like I really accomplished this without being cray-cray about diet, which I’ve had a tendency to do in the past. I literally did no cardio except for my single weekly cycle class that I teach. My other 3 workouts consisted of fast-paced, heavy lifting circuits that ranged from 60-90 minutes. These workouts had some conditioning drills sprinkled throughout, such as jump ropes, sprints, squat jumps, weighted sleds and burpees.

Here is one workout from this month’s IgniteGirls+ Training Packet that I think you will LOVE. I used it in my workouts, and the members have been raving about it. Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments.

Download the IgniteGirls Girl Bye workout (it’s free)!

Or pin it for another time.

You’ll thank me later for this one. And since you don’t have access to the member’s exercise glossary, I provided a few descriptions of the not-so-obvious workout moves below.

Burpee 180s
For Burpee 180s, stand with feet together and hands overhead, jump up, squat down touch floor, shoot legs back into plank position, squat back in, hop 180 degrees facing other direction, then repeat.

Kettlebell Swing Jump
Stand with the kettlebell between your feet, hanging down the center of your body. Let your arms swing backwards and the kettlebell will swing back between your legs. Your arms should act as a pendulum only and not push down or pull up the weight. You should not be bending deeply with your knees, the focus is through the hips. Now explode or ‘pop’ your hips forward. Project the kettlebell straight ahead (about shoulder height) with the power of the hips. Contracting the glutes explosively while you propel both feet forward at the same time. Keep back straight. Let the power come from your hips, not your arms. Now relax the tension and let the kettlebell drop backwards between your legs. Repeat. (see the video on my Instagram)

Frog Jumping Jack
Hands directly under shoulders in plank, quickly jump feet forward with knees/feet outside of hands then jump back to previous plank position.

Jump Pull Ups
Standing directly under either a pull up bar, or a safely racked Smith Machine bar, stand with arms extended upward. Make sure if your hands aren’t touching the bar already, that you can reach it once you jump. Use an overhand grip once your hands touch the bar. Jump up, grab the bar (if you aren’t already touching it), and use your strength to pull your chin up over the bar, then slowly lower down before letting go again. Don’t let your legs do all the work!

Make it a GREAT week!
– Coach Keri

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