The Cute Cop Workout & How to Make Fitness Not a Chore

Welcome to another fabulous workout Wednesday at IgniteGirls! This week we are going to SHRED and TONE those biceps and triceps with this Cute Cop Workout, inspired by the Halloween Hottie Challenge. I know at this point you are probably getting pretty tired of eating the same foods, but we are coming to a close on this amazing 31 day challenge, and you are really doing it! Congratulations to all 100+ of you that signed up, committed and put your heart into it! Finish the month out strong, don’t you dare give up on me now!

Download your Cute Cop Workout HERE!!!

And thanks for your patience with yesterday’s video! I am trying to make everything even better for you girls! You can now WATCH the Starbucks Makeover: Pumpkin Latte video! Stop by, and meet IgniteGirls intern, Hannah, on the video too! It’s an awesome recipe, and HHC-approved as a freebie since it is sugar free!

Also, I recently wrote an article for All Womens Health Tips recently, and I wanted to share how YOU can make fitness fun, and NOT a chore! So how can you do this? You can read the article here!
Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.44.36 PM

Happy sweating!

~ Coach Keri

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