The Nurse Betty Workout: Lower Body (Printable!)

Today is the last Halloween Hottie Challenge workout of this series, and we are focusing on your glutes, inner thighs and outer thighs. Your legs contain the largest muscles, and therefore, your body will use more Oxygen during this workout.. making for a great cardio effect too. PLUS, you will continue to burn calories even after the workout is finished! Dig deep to finish this workout! You can do it!!!

Download your Nurse Betty Workout HERE!!!!

Make the Hot Chocolate Protein Shake later before bed. I bet you will be surprised by the ingredients in it!

Happy sweating!

~ Coach Keri

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posted by Coach Keri


  • By Becky 04 Mar 2015

    This workout kicked my ass! I know I’ll be sore tomorrow! This workout did a great job of targeting the areas I am most self conscious about!

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