The Sweetheart Martini & Hunny Bunny Workout <3

  • 1 oz chilled Grey Goose or Belvedere Vodka
  • fruit punch Crystal Light packets
  • Fresca grapefruit soda

In a glass, mix vodka and a sprinkling of a fruit punch Crystal Light packet (to preferred taste) together. Pour red mixture into a martini glass and top it off with cold Fresca grapefruit soda. Garnish with a raspberry or strawberry. The only calories in this drink are from the vodka!Your Hunny Bunny Workout!

What is your workout going to look like?!

For each:
piece of chocolate = five :20 second sprints
cupcake = 1 mile run
slice of cake = 2 mile run
box of hearts = 30 burpees
piece of candy = 1 minute mountain climbers
glass of wine = 50 push ups
cookie = 10 min jump rope

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posted by Coach Keri

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