Transformation Spotlight: Laney Powers

Change takes progress. It takes commitment. It takes the right tools and the right mindset. Laney put her IgniteGirls’ tools to work… hard work, and now has the results to prove it!

IgniteGirls+ is an education system to help you change your life in the long term!”

“I found Keri and IgniteGirls+ when I was at an ultimate low. I’d lost a bunch of weight crash dieting for a fitness competition and I felt horrible. My self esteem and body paid the price for the quick fix.Even though she wasn’t a prep coach, she agreed to work with me. As a former fitness competitor and a current model, all I wanted was to be her! I couldn’t imagine ever being there!

I knew immediately that her program was different. Coach Keri listened to me, my goals, and my life! Most importantly, she was able to work around a very complicated blood coagulation disease to find a diet that worked for us both. I finally felt healthy and confident- for the first time since I got sick two years before.

The most important thing for me was having someone who would just listen. I remember feeling completely alone as everyone else was pigging out on holidays and I was on a diet. Coach Keri is never more than a phone call away.

IgniteGirls+ was more than a diet plan for me. It marked the beginning of my own personal understanding of nutrition and fitness, so that when I wanted… I could eat like a normal person – not feel bad and not binge! That was crazy for someone trying to compete!!! And I owe it all to her. IgniteGirls+ is an education system to help you change your life in the long term! No short cuts but all the support and knowledge I could hope for!

The IgniteGirls family is so diverse and supportive. I got a coach and an entire family of women to talk to about fitness and exercise. I owe so much of my journey to Keri. When she met me, I was an unhealthy skinny-fat athlete who under ate as a way to feel better. The knowledge I gained on IgniteGirls+ program helped me transform into a competitor, model, and athlete while still being a functioning woman and mother.”

Laney P.
Acquisition Manager, Georgia


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Coach Keri

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