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Hey hey, IgniteGirls!

I am actually really excited to share today’s workout.. I never do this, but it is actually a workout from the IgniteGirls+ members-only January packets (every month they get a new packet of downloadable workouts along with a weekly training schedule). The girls have been loving this workout, and I thought you would too. Let me know what you think. You can pin it for later, and try it with a friend!

You’ll also notice that I took the EXACT page from the IgniteGirls+ Members workout packet, so it includes a progression over the course of the month by changing up length of time, reps or sets. It also includes check boxes so you can print it out, check off your completion of each exercise, or even write in the amount of weight you used, if applicable. One of our newest members (the $15/month package) has already lost 5 pounds in two weeks just by doing the workouts alone! Sarah C. says, “I like it because it gives me a schedule and extra motivation. The workouts are kicking my butt and I’m liking it! ;)”


And speaking of the IgniteGirls+ Membership… the first 20 NEW members will receive $50 off The IgniteGirls Life book due to launch in the next few weeks! You can be an IgniteGirls+ or an IgniteGirls+ Premium Member – both count! This book is 120+ pages and details a very specific nutrition plan that you can use for the rest of your life (helloooo, chocolate and moderation!), a progressive workout plan, insight into overcoming the diet mentality, healthy recipes, the IgniteGirls 7-Day Summer Skinny Plan and more. JOIN TODAY so you don’t miss out! The deal will expire soon!

Have fun with this workout! Weights sculpt and change your body to be tighter, leaner and firmer!

PS. Did you guys miss me LIVE on the Young Female Entrepreneurs show?! You’re in luck! Watch host, Jennifer Donogh, and I chat about Lena Dunham and Vogue Magazine vs. Jezebel, what I really think about Facebook and morning rituals for productivity. Plus, I shared what the $%@! IgniteGirls is and why I created it!

Coach Keri

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