Workout Wednesday: The Pocahontas Workout & Crossfitting While Pregnant

Are you ready for this shoulders and core workout, IgniteGirls? It’s your second downloadable workout for the Halloween Hottie Challenge, and every week we have been focusing on a different body part! And you can still SIGN UP for the FREE 31-Day Meal Plan and Calendar!

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In other news, you may have seen that I announced my pregnancy this past Monday on Facebook!! I decided to write down my own thoughts regarding Crossfit and pregnancy after the controversy that Lee-Ann Ellison and Heidi Powell (wife of Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss on ABC) stirred up. Both moms-to-be have been doing Crossfit leading up to their third trimester of pregnancy, and while both have some valid points and are trained fitness professionals, I don’t agree with everything.

Read why I think that crossfitting during pregnancy is selfish.

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For me, my pregnancy is about listening to my body, embracing the incredible changes, being healthy and active, without being extreme. In the past, I haven’t listened to my body enough, especially while I was competing in fitness competitions. We live in a society where we immediately want to erase all signs of pregnancy post-birth ASAP. Why? I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to be reminded of this little miracle that has been created. 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!

~ Coach Keri

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